Agricultural Mediation
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What types of issues can be resolved under the New York State Agricultural Mediation Program (NYSAMP)?

Loans or debts
Right to farm complaints
Neighbor complaints
Labor problems
Landlord/tenant disputes
USDA appeals (see below)

Mediation is also useful to farm families facing difficulties or planning needs involving:

Separation and divorce
Siblings/in-law out-law
Finance and business planning
Elder care and planning
Unpaid bills/loan restructuring
Small claims and credit
Family farm succession and transfers

The USDA has recognized the right of farmers and producers to use mediation to appeal an adverse determination such as: 

Agricultural loans and loan-servicing, including FSA loans
Rural Development loan and loan servicing, including single and multifamily housing
Wetland determinations
Grazing on national forest
System lands
Conservation compliance
Crop insurance
Pesticide applications 
Other agriculture-related topics. 

For more information:
Find a CDRC, call the NYSAMP toll free number: (866) 669-7267, or email Claudia Kenny, NYSAMP Director, at

Additional resources:
NYSAMP Website
New York FarmNet  
New York Farm Bureau  
NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets  
Cornell Cooperative Extension

USDA offices:
Farm Services Agency
Rural Development
Natural Resources Conservation Service